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I help software developers start and grow their own business.

Hi, I'm Thomas Wiradikusuma. I'm a software developer turned entrepreneur. My startup graduated from the Founder Institute and Y Combinator Startup School.

Many software developers I know want to start their own business. Unfortunately, many times when they learn about "business," it's usually MLM or pyramid scheme.

Some of them start their own startup, but after losing tens of thousands of dollars, I learned it the hard way that it's not for everyone. I don't want you to make the same mistakes.

My mission is to coach software developers who want to start and grow their own business. Not scammy "business," not impossible startup, just a regular business that can bring more money and time for your family, and more personal satisfaction.

Already taking projects but struggling to find clients? I help people like you get high-value clients using my predictable system.

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